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We formed „SYRENCE“ in 2008 in Weil der Stadt, Germany, under the name „Epic Fail“ and renamed the band into „SYRENCE“ in 2011. From the original Line-up „Oschlo“, „Strikar“ and „Fritz“ are still active. Since the beginning the band only plays self-written songs. After live-shows for almost a decade, the first Demo „5.0“ was released in 2016 with „Johnny Vox“ as new vocalist. In 2017 „Juli“ joined as new guitarist and some more gigs followed before the band recorded their first full-length album „Freedom in Fire“ which was released in February 2019 with Fastball/Soulfood.


Crank it up and long live heavy metal!

  • Oschlo


    • Johnny Vox


      • Juli


        • Fritz

          Bass Guitar

          • Strikar


            „Once again, the Hard Rock/Metal Gods have blessed us with a good old fashion, in your face straight up metal act. There is no nonsense with the sound, just old school sounding metal. Syrence is just that.“


            CGMC Podcast / Canada

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            „Hallelujah – Endlich mal wieder guter alter Heavy Metal der alten Schule. Kein aufgedunsenes neumodisches Gitarrenfiesel-Prog-Growl-Epic-Gedöns. Eine erfrischend altmodische geile Scheibe – eine Reminiszenz an die alten Vorbilder.“


            Stage Reptiles / Germany

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            „This is inspired stuff for sure and the musicianship and production leave very little to be desired. If you want challenging music and experimentation, you need to look elsewhere, but if charming heavy metal with loads of atmosphere to it is your thing then Syrence is the band for you. Definitely recommended.“


            Eternal Terror / Norway

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            “ Get this album if you love Heavy Metal that sounds just as good as it did when you were younger. It’s worthy of any collection, even those that belong to the most casual fans who aren’t entirely devoted to Metal.“


            Metal Temple / USA

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            „“Freedom In Fire” è un lavoro di classic metal onesto e ben fatto, per una band al debutto che mostra tutta la propira passione per questa musica. Consigliato!“


            All Around Metal / Italy

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            „L’ensemble de l’album est agréable et propose de nombreuses nuances, comme « Living On the Run » qui explore des rythmes différents à la manière d’un Judas Priest de la fin des années 1970 ou « Symphony » qui joue avec nos nerfs dans des développements mélancoliques et pathétiques assez envoûtants. Cela donne une impression de foisonnement, parfois aussi de chaos pas toujours bien maîtrisé, mais cette fraîcheur est intéressante dans un monde où tout se doit d’être carré et dans les clous.“

            Hardrock 80 / France


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